The story:

Adnan and Haemin were going out, until one day after their breakup, Haemin was found dead. Detectives, along with Sarah Koenig (the narrator and investigator of the story), are having a difficult time finding concrete evidence to confidently accuse anyone of committing the murder. As a result of personality evaluations of Adnan and an uncertain alibi, Adnan was convicted of the murder and is currently serving time in jail.

My goal with this book is to tell this featured story from This American Life as objectively as possible.

how it was designed:

A lot of the content that Koenig used to keep the story going were accounts of those who knew Adnan; this means that she was evaluating his personality. However in my opinion, it's hard to predict someone's actions by judging his/her character, so I decided to edit the podcast content to weigh evenly on both sides of the argument. I also included some of my own comments to guide the viewer, and added an activity where the reader would act as a detective and need to decipher some of the rumors that were spread about Adnan.