I'm currently looking for full-time positions and would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at my email.

Email: heidiskang@gmail.com

Hi! I'm Heidi, but you might also know me as Jackie.

Originally from Diamond Bar, CA, I came to Pittsburgh to study design at Carnegie Mellon University. I am a senior communication design student who is interested in user experience design, user interface design, and design research. In terms of what I would like to design for, I have a passion for designing for financial literacy, health care, education, and social justice.

Carnegie Mellon University has given me a strong foundation in the principles of design as well as opportunities to practice those principles and methods. Through design, I want to create a positive change in the world, whether the change is within our daily lives, or far in the future. I like to work on projects that involve my interests, but would also love to learn more about the different types and aspects of design, and am eager to go deeper into any field where design is involved.

Click the link to view an example of the work I do:  Assessment Hub